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Hello all! Welcome to my blog. My name is Russell, and I have always wanted to do this! Just a bit about me - I am married, have three dogs and one cat, read, purchase way too many books and have an affinity for tattoos. 

My blog is going to mainly focus on my love of books. It is my goal to share with you my love of reading - and hopefully inspire you to pick up something you have either never heard of or have always wanted to read. I do not really have a set focus when I read, so you will likely see a little bit of everything on here. From new releases to classics to graphic novels - I will touch on everything that I read and want to share with you.  

You will also very likely get a post or two (or more) about my dogs, music, tv and just plain life. I hope you like it, and let me know what you think.



E-Mail: Russell@inkandpaperblog.com