My Rating System

This is a quick post on how I am going to rate books on my blog. I do not intend to have much negativity here, but I am sure it will happen. A book will make me passionate enough to talk about, even though I would not give it to anyone.

I am going to use the following rating system - 1 to 5 books. See what they mean to me below:

One Book : Don't think I will be given this to anybody.

Example : Fifty Shades of Grey - James

Two Books : Not the worst thing I have read, but will not be talking about it too much.

Example : Allegiant - Roth

Three Books : This is a perfectly good book. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

Example : The Heart Goes Last - Atwood

Four Books : This book is so good! This is a book I would put in someone's hands often.

Example : My Brilliant Friend - Ferrante


Example : Stoner - Williams


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