Our Kids - An Introduction

In my introduction I told you that we are the proud parents of three kids. Two boxers and 1 chihuahua/pit-bull mix. I thought that I would take a moment here to introduce them all to you and give you their brief bios.

This is Baxter. He is our oldest at 7, soon to be 8. My better half has had him since he was 6 weeks old, and he has been in my life now for a little over two years. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, and our best behaved. As this picture shows, he loves his ball, only in so much that he wants to sit and chew on it. He was solo for a very long time, so sometimes he needs a break from his sister and brother. But that being said he is very patient. His only real flaw ---- He is a total bed hog. Sometimes I don't even get my own pillow.

This is Blanche, and she was our first rescue. We were walking past a dog adoption one day, and she was alone in her crate. No one was looking at her, so we just said hi. We were told that if she did not get adopted that day, she would no longer be with us -----> so, as you can guess we had a second dog. The vet says she is a chihuahua/pitt-bull mix - don't ask us. She does have a pit body though, and very much a pitt attitude. She is really an amazing dog. Her life revolves around her food and her belly being rubbed. And right now she is on a diet - so you can imagine she is not a fan. She is also our trouble maker - be it chasing another dog, a cat or a squirrel she is first to the charge.

She is pretty darn amazing.

Berkeley is our third, and final!, member of the family. He is also a rescue with a very sad story. Stuffed in a box and starved, when we got him he was nothing but skin and bones. He had never interacted with another dog - and has been our biggest handful. He is such a lover -- and is very attached. So much so that you really cannot leave him alone. He really just wants to cuddle all the time (as I sit typing this he is directly against me). He is also my nightly reading buddy. More than anything in the world he wants to be able to chase cats and squirrels. He tries our nerves - but we very much love him.

Really the favorite activity in the world is sleeping.......

So, there you go... those are our kids. I am certain you will see more and more of them.


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