Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain

Every once and awhile, I need to read something that I find just fun. And when I heard that Margaret Atwood, of A Handmaid's Tale fame, was involved in the writing of a graphic novel I knew that I had to pick it up. Currently, there are two volumes and I have read them both. The first came out at the end of last year and the second in February. At the end of the first, you find out that Atwood has had the idea of this in her head since she was a child. The end of the first has cute pictures and discussions regarding how the idea came to be. You also find that the books have a focus on cat rescue and different facts about raising cats and adopting the same. As a pet lover, I was a fan of this right away.

Stig, our main character, is a scientist who at the start of book one is put on a project at work to develop a serum that would help mutate people. The prior scientist had mysteriously disappeared and Stig is now working on the same. There is an accident, and Stig is combined with an Owl and a Cat to become Angel Catbird. He also finds that in our world there are cat people, rat people and bird people. It turns out that his boss is a rat person who is aiming to take over the world and turn rats into women to be his companions. Stig has a love interest, and a number of friends that become part of his fight against his boss.

I hope that is enough of the plot to get you interested. I don't want to ruin anything. These books are fun, easy reads that take you into a world that is entertaining. I like all of the characters and the story is engaging so that I care what will happen next. This is not typical Atwood - there are no huge themes that you will be figuring out throughout the test. Her focus is simple - enjoy my story and save stray cats! There are a few times that I rolled my eyes at the tropes that are used - they are a bit predictable. But overall, I don't care. I like Stig's world and I want to know what is happening to him and his friends next. And I mean, she added a Vampire Cat Person and a mummy Cat woman in the last book that were just so much fun.

These books were a perfect read for me after I had just finished a large involving novel. I have linked to an independent bookstore to buy them, but I recommend finding your local comic books shop and going to pick them up. Mine is, Space Cat Comics, and every time I go in there I find a gem I would never have picked up at my local bookstore.

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